Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello all
September was an exciting month. Not only did I get to interview the fabulous Melbourne band Lamplight for "The Oz Music Hour" but I also snuck in an interview with Gotye, so very last minute at Cafe Place Verte, next to the Nouveau Casino on rue Oberkampf during their European tour.

Below is a very casual interview with Lamplight by the Canal St Martin. They were so lovely. If you haven't listened to their music please do on their Myspace page. It is very hard to describe their sound, other than it being an eclectic mix of folk, rock, gypsy and ambience-etic (ok, I made up that adjective). They managed to travel a little around Europe to showcase their music.

Lamplight - September 2008 - Canal St Martin - Paris

I also managed to grab Gotye for all but 5 minutes (without prep mind you, or light!) before his show at Nouveau Casino. Here is the interview below. My apologies for the poor quality of the video. We just didn't get a chance to light and it was so noisy in the cafe so it was a now-or-never situation.

You can check out my Myspace page or Youtube page - you will also see some great concert footage of Gotye at Nouveau Casino and at the end there is a very special song that Lamplight joins in. It is truly memoriable stuff. There are several songs uploaded so if you get a chance please have a look.

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